Content Management Systems

Take control of your website

Internet users of today move fast, giving a website just a few seconds before they make the decision to stay or leave. The best way to make them choose the latter option is to show old information on your website.

If the latest item in your news archive is two years old, the website won't be considered a trustworthy place to look for information.

Old products, obsolete information, outdated technical specifications are other examples where you will loose credibility.

The simple solution is to minimize the information on the website that can be outdated. After heavy minimization the whole purpose of having a website is lost and you gained nothing from it. 

A Content Management System (CMS) on the other hand lets you take control over the website, making it easy to update and add more information. It's simple and you can do it in your own pace. No more depending on suppliers. It saves you time, money and best of all, you serve your visitor fresh information. 

We offer three different ways of applying CMS to your website:


Highly flexible and secure, also easy to adopt for different purposes. Can be used for almost everything, from websites and tailormade solutions (web services etc.)


Easy to use for small and middle websites.

Tailor made CMS

Best for small websites or for very complex solotutions with special demands.


Nice for small to middle sized websites, microsites and campaigns (or when the budget is tight)


Perfect for almost every situation, from small to big websites and complex solutions. And it is also a perfect plattform for an intranet or a portal.

With the community (Relate +) solution it also will be a nice way to make communitys and social networking services.